Hopeful Dreams Farm

    Farming is a lot of things.  It's rewarding and fun.  It is also a whole lot of work and it costs quite a bit of money.  Purchasing and maintaining equipment & buying seed and fertilizer are by far the largest expenses in our farming operation.  In any business, watching dollars is a way of life.  We are no different.

      In 2008, we spent exorbitant amounts of money in chemical fertilizer through our local fertilizer company.   The fertilizer prices were reaching highs no one had ever seen in the past.  Our fertilizing expenses were jepordizing our hay business.  That is when we began looking for alternatives to the chemical fertilizer application.  After a bit of searching, we found AGGRAND All Natural Balanced Fertilizer.  With a little reseach, we were stunned by the numbers and the facts.

      We found that by applying AGGRAND products, we could cut our fertilizing expenses by 2/3rds!  So not only were we saving money, we were going to improve our soil quality using an emulsified fish fertilizer.  Believe me when I say it sounded to good to be true.  We called to get more information and became Amsoil Preferred Customers for $10.  That enabled us to purchase the products at wholesale prices.  Another enormous perk is that we live 30 miles from the distribution center.  No Shipping charges!  

       By using our most recent soil sample results and Walt, the AGGRAND expert at Amsoil headquarters, we purchased our AGGRAND fertilizer figuring we really had nothing to loose.  With USDA declared drought conditions our first year, we still got three cuttings from our hay fields.  We were sold.  As the years have passed, we take soil samples every Spring to evaluate our amendment needs.  What we've seen is overall soil improvement.  While chemical fertilizers boost growth quickly, their main ingredient is salt.  Salt will eventually leach the all nutrients from your soil leaving it barren.  We have found that the root base of our young grass is improved and the drought tolerance is amazing.  There's nothing more beautiful to a farmer than healthy fields and that is what we have to be proud of by using AGGRAND products.    

        Since AGGRAND is a product from the Amsoil company, we have another added bonus.  All of our greases, oils, lubricants and filters are purchased for wholesale prices.  Top of the line Amsoil products keep our tractors, baler, mower and trucks working hard to keep us moving.  Downtime is wasted money!

       If you would like more information on how to improve your lawn, garden or crops at the same wholesale prices, please call for more information.