The photo to the right illustrates what would come in a half beef.  We highly discourage splitting a quarter as the perception of take home beef tends to be larger than actual take home.

      Our beef is sold by hanging weight.  Hanging weight is considered the weight of the side of beef once it's been slaughtered and all organs have been removed.  

For 2020, we will be offering two different methods of pricing.  The cost of cattle has increased significantly in the past 18 months, forcing us to re-evaluate our pricing methods.  In an effort to continue to make our beef remain cost effective yet not put ourselves out of business, we will now offer the customer the option of picking up their beef at the processor for $.50 less per pound.  Our processor is approx. 1.5 hours north of Richmond.  

The current 2020 hanging weight (picked up at processor) price is: 

$5.50/lb. - Quarter

$5.25/lb. - Half

$5.00/lb. - Whole

The current 2020 hanging weight (picked up at our Ashland location) price is:

$6.00/lb - Quarter

$5.75/lb - Half

$5.50/lb - Whole   

On average a quarter will have a final cost of $700.


We are currently taking deposits for a June 2020 harvest. 

     HD Farm's Black Angus Cattle are finished on our farm in Montpelier.  The cattle are very humanely handled and out on the pasture all day and night.  For the last two months before processing, we offer cracked corn to our cattle for flavor and marbling to their meat.  They do not gain an excessive amount of weight by feeding corn, they just taste better!  

All it takes to reserve your beef is a deposit.

$100 - Quarter

$200 - Half

$400 - Whole

     You will receive all cuts of meat in both a quarter and a half.  The amount difference between the two is by weight.  In other words, a half gets twice as much meat as a quarter.  The price goes down as the quantity increases so sharing with friends and family is a great way to fill your own freezer for less!

     When it is time to process the cattle, we take them to Fauquier's Finest Country Butcher, a USDA certified butcher in Northern Virginia.  This butcher dry ages our beef for 12-18 days and then takes the utmost care in processing and packaging the beef.  They carefully trim the fat, vacuum seal, label the cuts with weight and flash freeze the beef before we pick it up.  It is frozen and ready for your freezer when you pick it up at the farm.  A quarter of beef will yield between 73-85 lbs of beef to take home.
-Beef pick-up is at our Ashland Location-  .

Hopeful Dreams Farm

       In 2004, we began raising all natural Black Angus Beef for the health of our own family.  The ability to produce hormone/steroid free beef had such great benefits for our family, we could see no reason not to.  
         After having friends enjoy our beef, in 2006 we began to raise extra steers. Our beef business has grown exponentially over the years and we've been blessed by satisfied customers and word-of-mouth advertising.